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About IQ Tests

Evaluate Your Intelligence with a Free IQ Analysis!

Are you curious about your own intellectual abilities? Identify your own IQ score with a Free Online IQ analysis test.  Our free IQ Analysis provides you with an array of detailed questions that serve to outline the strengths and capacities of your intelligence. Your score can help you consider your own strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to better comprehend your own cognitive assets and qualities.  


How Does IQ Testing Work?

With the free online IQ test, individuals simply click on a multiple choice response to a series of questions. Generally, questions focus on logic, word analysis, spatial analysis, and reasoning. Using premium psychometric assessment questions, this free test will ultimately provide you with a raw IQ score.

The program will subsequently apply your score to a scale of standard deviations, helping you determine how intelligent you really are.  With this comparison, you will be able to find out where you fall on the intellectual spectrum, as potential categories include:IQ Test

  • Scores of 80 to 90 – Below Average

  • Scores of 90 to 110 – Average Intelligence

  • Scores of 111 to 121 – Above Average

  • Scores of 122 to 130 – Highly Intelligent

  • Scores of 131 to 141 – Gifted

  • Scores of 142 and Above – Genius (top 1% of all scores)


Expanding Your IQ Test with Spatial Awareness

Adding to the comprehensive free IQ test, you can also further explore your cognitive skills and abilities with the free Spatial IQ Test. Unlike the comprehensive IQ Test, the Spatial IQ Test investigates your intelligence based on categories and a scale inspired by the cognitive theories of Howard Gardner. Gardner, a Harvard University professor, asserts that all people possess multiple intelligences; by understanding our own unique intellectual strengths, we are better able to identify elements of our learning, thinking, and behavior. 

Categories of spatial intelligence include types such as verbal, linguistic, as well as a list of others. Adding to the categorical assessment of your spatial intelligence, this specific IQ Test evaluates your capacity to process dimensions in space, develop mental images, and arrange objects.


Advantages of IQ Testing Awareness

Without engaging in an IQ Test, individuals are ultimately blind to their own strengths and abilities. The free IQ test data and score can serve to boost your confidence in various areas and realms of cognition.

Adding to this advantage, individuals seeking a new career or profession may find more stable guidance by first gaining an awareness of their intellectual vigor. In fact, along with the free IQ test, individuals can take advantage of even more specific guidance with the free personality tests, free career tests, as well as a spectrum of other related evaluations.

For the younger learners, individuals can take the free Kids IQ Test. The Kids IQ Test mirrors the feedback and reports provided by the comprehensive IQ test for adults; however, the kids’ version poses questions that are more appropriate and relevant for a developing mind.

Your IQ score is only a few clicks away!

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